We provide a full-service package of assistance for IT projects – we plan, design, implement and continuously support technology-powered solutions.

IT Consulting

Your business goals shape the project scope – we may focus our entire attention on the advisory stage if you need to work through IT challenges and lay down the strategy for positive IT transformation. Also, we provide a full-service package of assistance for IT projects – we plan, design, implement and continuously support technology-powered solutions.

IT advisory

To formulate a strategy or design a solution bringing your IT resources into agreement with business needs.

Auditing your IT environment: IT applications, network complexity, application integrations, databases and data warehouses, development infrastructure.

Exploring business processes and uncovering process inefficiencies hampering business performance or new business initiatives.

Devising a full-scale IT strategy working either for modernization of your existing IT or introduction of new digital technologies.

Managed IT services

On-demand and proactive handling of all IT-related operations and maintenance activities.

Introducing minor and major upgrades to your business applications.

IT infrastructure administration.

Cloud usage optimization.

Maintenance activities: performance, security, capacity, issues, patching, backups.

Help desk.

Virtual CIO (vCIO) services.

IT Outsourcing

Outsource your entire IT landscape, including IT service planning and management. Delegate your daily IT operations and execution of new IT-related business initiatives to Jovial Frontier and focus on IT strategy, planning and design.

Staff augmentation

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Self-managed team

Get a self-managed team lead by Jovial Fronntier's PM or Team Lead to carry out your IT initiative.

Full process outsourcing

We take care of your specific IT function(s) (development / testing / cybersecurity / infrastructure support, etc.) with full responsibility for their quality and related risks.

The Scope of IT Outsourcing Services
by Jovial Frontier

Click the cards to find the detailed description of our capabilities with each technology.

Infrastructure support
Quality assurance services
Cybersecurity services
Cloud migration
Cloud application development
Help desk services
IT support
Remote work consulting
Managed analytics services
IT strategy consulting
Application modernization services
Digital crisis management and response

IT Support

Jovial Frontier IT support services are backed with years of experience in help desk and application support and include IT help desk, Network Operations Center (NOC) and software support to guarantee superior user experience and on-the-go improvement of your IT processes

Detailed descriptions of the IT infrastructure and operating procedures:

SOPs for ticket resolution, change and incident management, CI/CD flows.

Network maps.

Configuration management database.

Infrastructure improvement plan.

Multi-tier incident resolution pipeline:

L1. A user support team.

L2. A technical support team.

L3. A team of software engineers.

Self-service training materials for users:

Knowledge base articles.


User manuals.

User satisfaction and adoption improvements:

UX testing/monitoring.

Surveys and user experience studies with CSAT improvement plans based on their results.

Regulatory compliance assessments.

IT environment benchmarking against PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.

Compliance gap mitigation plans.

Regular and transparent reporting:

Service level reports.

Maintenance reports.

Health check reports.

Security assessment reports.

Feasibility analysis of IT support projects

Before we take up your app or infrastructure support, we analyze TCO and ROI of supported assets and assess how far these financial estimates will be improved after we commence the support.

Result-oriented service and transparent reporting

Our IT support activities and service quality are reflected in regular reports with clear metrics for strict compliance with service level objectives.

Long-term collaboration

We believe that long-term IT support is mutually beneficial for a customer and a service provider, as a longer service term means fewer transition periods and integration phases for the customer and well-tailored working routines for the support team.

Managed IT Services

Jovial Frontier’s professionals are ready to analyze your IT needs to provide you with a tailored managed IT services offer.


Get your infrastructure continuously supported and optimized:

Proactive infrastructure monitoring

IT infrastructure administration

L1, L2, L3 support

Cloud usage optimization


Includes the Basic package and assistance with new infrastructure initiatives:

Analyzing problems in IT infrastructure and providing recommendations

Designing a new IT infrastructure or its components

Designing CI/CD pipelines

Advising on security improvement using the SecOps approach

Extended Plus

Includes the Extended package and modernization of your IT infrastructure:

Application and data warehouse migration to cloud

Integration of cloud and on-premises apps

Infrastructure and app evolution

Deliverables of Jovial Frontier's Managed IT Services

Proactive infrastructure monitoring
  • Network diagrams
  • Architecture descriptions
  • Configuration management database
  • Implementation plan for infrastructure improvements
  • Documented operating procedures
Types of SOPs we deliver:
  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Ticket resolution
  • Knowledge management
  • Risk management
  • Asset management
  • CI/CD processes
  • Reporting process
  • Regular service reports
  • Quarterly maintenance reports (performance, security, capacity, issues, patching, backups)
  • Health check reports
  • Security audit reports
  • Incident reports
  • Surveys and action points based on the assessment results
  • Training materials for users
  • Regulatory compliance reports
  • Knowledge base articles
  • FAQ
  • User guides

KPIs of Our Managed IT Services

  • Target budget for cloud services spent.
  • Service availability.
  • Response time.
  • Cloud services changes delivered.
  • Cloud services changes waiting in a backlog.
  • Budget spent.
  • Service availability.
  • Response time.
  • User satisfaction rate.
  • First response time.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).
  • Resolution rate.
  • Abandonment rate for calls
  • Networks/software/devices monitored.
  • Incidents detected.
  • Incidents resolved.
  • Incident response time.
  • Application availability
  • Application change requests implemented.
  • Satisfaction of key application stakeholders.
  • Application user satisfaction.